Mapuche cuisine

The region has a gastronomic identity marked by the Mapuche cuisine, complemented by recipes brought by the settlers and new entrepreneurs from abroad. Through this cuisine it is possible to understand aspects of their culture, as the close relationship between the land and its wild products, in addition to their crops and harvests season. The Mapuche is a grateful observer of the land, so seasonal sprouts, mushrooms, fruit, seeds and aromatic herbs are part of their cooking tradition, along with legumes, cereals, potatoes, fish and seafood.
Other food products that is worth mentioning are “piñones”, the araucaria fruit; the catutos, quila sprouts; changle empanadas and a fermented wheat drink called muday. There are many demonstrations of their cuisine in the coastal area, for example; in the Budi lake and Puerto Saavedra as well as in Temuco and Curarrehue in the mountain range area.