Coastal Araucanía

This area covers the coastal border to the Pacific Ocean. Its communes invite you to live a unique experience near nature, history and ancestral practices, where the Lafquenche Mapuche people maintain its culture and traditions around the Budi Lake.



Dominated by the presence of the Nahuelbuta range, this zone stands out for the outdoor tourism options offered at the Nahuelbuta National Park as well as in the Contulmo Nature Monument.

Lacustrine Araucanía

Lakes, hot springs, volcanoes, ski centers and national parks destinations. Here, you can experience activities in an unforgettable natural environment, surrounded by native species as the iconic Araucaria.


Temuco and its Surroundings

Temuco is the capital of the Araucanía region; it is the region and lacustrine district entry point. Known as the frontier capital, since part of its territory was dominated by the Mapuche people.


Andean Araucanía

Known by its magnificent heights, the Andean area covers a wide variety of national parks, nature reserves, volcanoes, waterside recreational areas, lakes, rivers and hot spring centers, offering high intensity sport activities as well as relaxing alternatives for leisure.