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In almost every region there are circuits and trails to enjoy family or solitary walks, which relax and connect with nature. The geography and area characteristics make the Araucanía an ideal scenery for an outdoor healthy lifestyle and for practicing activities that take you closer to nature, like walks around the lake, bike rides, running, boat rides and many others, always immersed in an inspiring nature setting.

The Mapuche people are recognized by their knowledge on healing properties offered by nature, through diverse vegetable species,such as plants and nativeherbs. In the region there are diverse locations to visit medicinal gardens where mainly women, with a vast knowledge, prepare their medicines to ease the inhabitants in their communities and the visitors who need it too. The most used plants and herbs are: Llantén, Boldo, Michay, Pehuén and Matico, to name a few.

In addition to hot springs, in the Araucanía region there is a wide service offer related to health, relaxing and wellbeing in hotels, lodges and specialized centers, with a notorious variety of massages and treatments such as shiatsu, Bach flowers, reflexology, yoga, Pilates, reiki and places for practicing meditation, highlighting the existing alternatives from the Pucón and the Villarrica areas.

This is another alternative that the area has to offer and that complements the visitors’ healthy experience. In Pucón, Villarrica and Curarrehue, it is possible to eat delicious and healthy preparations based on local organic and seasonal products; for example, changles, quila sprouts, quinua, digüeñes and piñones, among others.

The volcano activity in the Andes mountain range, with its underground cauldrons, keeps the area hot springs eternally warm and emerging, in places as pure as attractive. In some places it is also possible to find natural mud pools, as well as geysers that emerge from the rocks. There are over 15 hot spring options of different styles and prices, from natural simple pools to sophisticated centers with complete alternatives to relax around places such as Tolhuaca, Malalcahuello, Pucón and Curarrehue.